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Sauce & Vinegar

Sauce: - Derived from wholesome fruits & Vegetables free from insect and fungal attack or blemishes affecting the quality of fruits skins and seeds are excluded. Rich in tomatoes, the only added substances are spices, Salts, sugar, Vinegar, Onion and Garlic. The Product is of Good taste and free from burnt or other objectionable flavours. It is of good keeping quality and does not show any signs of fermentation when incubated at 37oC.

Vinegar: - “Synthetic” It contains at least 3.75 gms of Quality Acetic Acid per 100 ml. It does not contain: 1, Sulfuric Acid or any other Mineral Acid. 2, Lead & copper. 3, Arsenic in amounts exceeding 1.5 ppm. 4, any foreign substance or coloring matter except Caramel.

FLAVOURS:- Pick Classic Sauce, Hot Red Sauce, Hot Green Sauce, Sour Soya Sauce, Red Vinegar & White Vinegar



  • Pack 1 X 12 X 1000Grams
  • Pack 1 X 12 X 500 Grams
  • Pack 1 X 24 X 200Grams (Soya Sauce Only)


  • Pack 1 X 12 X 700 ML(Pet Bottels)
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