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The Balh Vally (Nerchowk) in Himachal Pradesh is famous for the production of quality vegetables in the state. PICK pickles are prepared from the wholesome fruits and vegetables free from fungal & insect attack or any type of rot. All the ingredients are thoroughly cleaned and kept free from extraneous matter. Prepared with Mustered Oil (Kachi Ghani).

FLAVOURS: - Mixed, Mango, Mushroom, Ginger Garlic, Green Chilly, Lime, Lemon and SUGAR FREE sweet Pickle.


  • Pack 1 X 16 X 400g (PET Jars) 
  • Pack 1X 12 X 1000g (PET Jars)
  • Pack 1X 4X 5000g (PET Jars)
  • Single 16 Kg HD Jar.
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