Hygeia Fruit Vegetable Processors Pvt. Ltd.

Fruit Juice Drinks


The Himachal Pradesh is known for the production of quality fruits. Being situated at the Heart of Himachal Pradesh the PICK Juice Drinks are prepared by making pulps from the wholesome fruit free from fungal & insect attack or any type of rot.

FLAVOURS: - Mixed Fruit, Mango*, Apple Clarified*, Kiwi, Pine Apple, Litchi*, Orange and Lemon.

PACK for Indian Market:-

  • Shrink Pack 1 X 30 X 250 ml (Pet Bottles)
  • Shrink Pack 1 X 24 X 600 ml (Pet Bottles) *
  • Shrink Pack 1 X 12 X 1200 ml (Pet Bottles)*

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