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Cider Vinegar


Cider Vinegar: - “NATURAL” derived from the fermentation of apples and to achieve the maximum level of Natural Acidity. It has lots of medicinal properties.


Do You Know?
Sure, an apple-a-day keeps the doctor away.But did you know that most of the nutritious and therapeutical properties of the fruit are passed over when apples are processed to make apple-cider vinegar? With ninety different substances that are useful to the human body, apple-cider vinegar is reported to have significant therapeutical properties and is considered useful in arthritis, cancer, cholesterol, constipation and diabetes control.
Apart from this, apple-cider vinegar can be used in cooking, as salad dressing, for pickling etc. It also makes a very refreshing drink, hot or cold, with or without honey.


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PACK:- Shrink Pack 1 X 12 X 750ml.

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